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5 Helpful Interior Design Tips to Achieve an Industrial Chic Style

July 8, 2019Architecture

1.Get in the mood.

Are you having a hard time thinking of more industrial materials to include? Feel free to consult a reputable interior design firm in Malaysia. Keep in mind that though wooden tones fit perfectly into the industrial theme, including other materials like cement and metal is what completes the rugged outlook.

2.Light up your room the right way.

Good lighting has the ability to alter the mood of a person. Focus on your home lighting plan when decorating your personal space for any kind of theme. To complement metal and wood, warm lights are popular choices. The industrial chic choice? Look out for those statement lighting pieces with exposed light bulbs.

3.Add contrast.

There are several ways to achieve the industrial chic vibe. Choose a design like marble prints, adding some feminine characters to your bedroom without straying far from industrial interior design.

4.Be practical.

Simplicity is the key to creating the industrial chic foundation, so settle for muted colors, neutral colors or solid shapes. When choosing dining table accessories, make sure to avoid bright colors. Always go for those functional objects that serve clear purposes.

5.Consider used items and other bargains.

Many industrial chic interior design styles find beauty in unexpected finds. This doesn’t mean that you need to scavenge for worn out items. If you are not a fan of secondhand items, find furniture pieces which are designed to appear time-worn. The distressed look would make it a great matching accessory.

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