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A Simple Guide to Your Baby’s Feet and How to Choose the Best Shoes for Them

September 4, 2019Baby

Your baby’s feet are some of the most important yet fragile parts of their body. You want to protect them by giving them some footwear or baby shoes for that matter.

The foot, being a complex structure that is supported by ligaments and made out of bones, is usually padded and it is quite flexible, which is why you need not worry too much about that department when choosing the right shoes for your baby.

If you are worried or would need guidance, you can talk to your podiatrist or your baby’s doctor to help you find the appropriate footwear for them to wear.

When Choosing Your Baby’s Footwear

Your baby would start to walk anywhere between 8-18 months of age. That being said, walking can provide some much-needed sensory information to your baby and they utilize their soles to touch the ground for that. Having them wear some baby shoes, for example, would provide ample protection from the hotness or coldness of the floor, as well as other things that may cause injury or harm.

When your baby is still learning how to walk, they should wear soft-soled shoes as much as possible. This is so that they can process important sensory information, thus allowing their feet to develop in the best way possible. Since your baby grows quite fast, you may need to buy them shoes whenever possible to accommodate the much bigger feet.

Some Suggestions for Choosing Your Baby’s Shoes

You always want to choose shoes that are comfortable for your baby. This can be a bit tricky, especially since your babies might not be able to say that they’re uncomfortable while wearing one.

The best thing that you can do would be to try out the shoes on your baby and press the toe area ever so slightly. If your baby reacts in a negative way (i.e. cries), then that is probably way too small for them. Aside from shoe comfort, you also want one that is flexible and one that has a flat sole. You want to get this variant so that your baby develops the muscle strength required to start walking.

Another important consideration when choosing your baby’s footwear is that the front area should be wider than the heel part so that it naturally contours their feet (thus, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time).

Children and Flat Feet

You might notice that your baby’s feet are actually flat. That is actually quite normal, especially for babies under two years of age. The sole of their feet will continue to develop and there are some that would continue on to develop an arch known as the medial arch, which is made out of muscles, bones, and ligaments. Though, keep in mind that there are some that would still remain flat-footed and should not be a cause for concern.

Feet Turning Inward

Young toddlers who have just started to walk would usually walk with their feet turned inward. This phenomenon is also known as in-toeing and is perfectly normal.

However, there are some signs that you need to be aware of if you see that their in-toeing is quite pronounced or severe, doesn’t improve with age, and causes tripping even if your child is of appropriate age.

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