Are E-Cigarettes A Good Alternative To Smoking?

March 5, 2019Health

Does One Substitute The Other Well?

Smoking cigarettes are dangerous to one’s health. No matter how many times heavy smokers convince people that it is relatively okay, it is not and that is backed by science.

A single cigarette contains loads of different chemicals that often gets full blown once it gets burned. Although smoking feels good thanks to the sensation that it provides, prolong and heavy use can result in a lot of health problems including stroke, heart attack, and different forms of cancer.

E-cigarettes or Electronic cigs are often looked at as a much “healthier” alternative to smoking and it was actually true until a new wave of studies suggests otherwise.


E-Cigarettes and an Increased Risk of Certain Diseases

One study has analyzed data from roughly 400,000 Americans who took their well-designed national health survey back in 2016. Of all the respondents, roughly 67,000 people have reportedly been using e-cigarettes on a regular basis.

Regular E-Cigarette use, as it turns out, presents some risks that can lead to a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and even chest pain. However, one of the dreaded results of smoking which extends into the bedroom, premature ejaculation, can be slowly staved off with substituting for E-Cigarettes.

A sizable portion of the respondents that did use e-cigarettes (about 79%) has also used regular cigarettes as well. In other words, they not only use e-cigarettes for pleasure, but it is also used in conjunction with normal cigarettes.

In the same survey, it was reported that people who did use e-cigarettes occasionally are still susceptible to the development of heart diseases, strokes, and other related medical conditions.


Why The Survey Matters

According to Dr. Larry Goldstein, co-director of the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute at the University of Kentucky, the survey has actually presented real and tangible data indicating that there is really a link between e-cigarette use and the development of different medical conditions.

Although the survey has presented some promising results, it is important to note that the researchers didn’t take into account some factors that could contribute to such medical conditions including the blood pressure rates, alcohol use, and even the person’s diet as well.

Furthermore, since the study only gave the respondents one survey to answer (and only one at that), the researchers weren’t able to formulate a cause-and-effect which means that although there is a likelihood for developing certain medical conditions, e-cigarette use may not be the single cause, but rather a collection of different factors other than the use of the gadget.

Despite lapses in the study, it is still important to keep this in mind. This is especially true today since a lot of young people (and even a considerable number of middle-aged and older adults) use e-cigarettes as a viable alternative to smoking.

Ordinary Cigarettes are usually burned and puffed to gain an amazing sensation. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, require a special gadget that heats up and then vaporizes liquid for the user to inhale. In most e-cigarettes, the liquid contains a little bit of nicotine and some other flavoring to ensure that it still tastes (and feels like) cigarettes.

Although we cannot fully pinpoint the exact link, it is still a good thing to keep in mind that e-cigarettes might have a negative impact on your health through regular and prolonged use.

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