February 12, 2019Web Development

  1. You must and always do not panic. Keep it chill!

You know what, there is always have a huge amount on learning about the web development, and you can actually admit it that it’s not that easy and it is also hard to know where you really need to begin with. That’s part of process, do not just be scared but be open to something for you to learn. That’s it! There are a lot of professional web developers in the world are still afraid of the new languages, systems, and even the new tools to utilize out there. The only key is to focus, don’t allow distractions ruin your mind. Well, you don’t really need to learn everything in one time. It takes time, it really is. Learn it from the bottom and discovering something new and keep progressing as well as embracing the freedom. Not just about the freedom but the opportunities are waiting outside.


  1. You must start from the basics. You don’t have to rush everything!

Exactly! You do not have to rush everything for this will lead you to more confusions and you can’t even concentrate it. It has always been important to start from the bottom or the basics when it comes to learn something new specifically the web development. For the starters, the only thing I could suggest when starting to learn is, HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript (ES5). You don’t have to intimidate by the numbers and the letters, because you can actually easy to learn them.


  1. You must set yourself first when it comes to your goals by honing your skills and abilities as well as your passion project(s).

If you are studying about the web development, you’ll be expected to spend most of your time on the internet. But when learning, you don’t have to open your Facebook page, listening to your favorite songs, or even watching videos for this will not help you but destructing you. One of the best advices is develop your skills as well as developing your own projects and learn to manage it. Think about your future goals. You need to set your goals – the concept, the idea, its purposes, what to build?, how to do it?, how does it works?, and why you need to build that? These are the important key factor when setting goals as a web developer.


  1. You must learn what you love and what you have loved.

When it comes to web development, there’s so many facets or features to discover as well as to learn from them. This may not easy but if you really put your hear on it, everything is possible. It requires a strong foundation of your mindset. First of all, it is so important to love what you do. That’s it!

And most important of all, please remember that website design and development is not an easy field, and you will almost always fail at one point. But don’t be discouraged, and use that failure as your stepping stone in the future!

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