The Best Mammalian Embryologist

The Best Mammalian Embryologist

December 6, 2018Stem Cell

All About Andrzej Tarkowski

Last September 2016, the best mammalian embryologist – Andrzej Tarkowski, has died at the age of 83 the the expert of in vitro fertilization, cloning and stem cell research. He is also known for his mastery on understanding the development for utilizing tools and experiments to have an important capacities into the events of every lives.

The Best Mammalian EmbryologistHe was the 1st man to put forward the hypothesis that states the inner cells of the embryo, and the outer cells become the placenta.

The hypothesis of his research still remains the central belief of the development of mammalian.

He also conducted his own research about that development at the time where in Poland everything was under control with communist and having a short supply of the materials.

Last 1950’s, he is also graduated at the University of Warsaw. He also found that the destroying one cell of a 2 cell mouse embryo normally did not stop from developing. Findings that had an important connections of the prenatal genetic test developments especially in humans. He is also the who first generated the important tool especially in biological research, the chimeric mouse embryos.

The Best Mammalian EmbryologistLast 1980’s, he developed a special method called electrofusion to analyze the chromosome structure in mouse oocytes to put together the 2 cell embryos. He was a unique for being the one who reveal the most secrets in individual lives. He has always been exceptional and will be missed.


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